Summer surf

Has largely been lacklustre! That’s until the last couple of days – we’ve had amazing swell. Here’s a snap of me from Northern Beaches surf photographer Michael Kellerman.

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Sydney Writers’ Festival May 2018 – Secondary Schools Program

Hey guys, just a quick heads up! I am on the Sydney Writers’ Festival’s Secondary Schools Program this year. I am thrilled about doing this, and extra thrilled by my co-presenters: Jesse Andrews, Alison Croggan and Patrick Ness. I know, right?! For more information, please visit Sydney Writers Festival.    

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Festivals and workshops – April 2017

Hello! Look at how long it’s been since I’ve visited this blog! Cobwebs everywhere. I’ve got a couple of festival appearances coming up, and I mention them because if you’re in Newcastle or Brisbane, I would absolutely love to catch up with you. Also! I’m conducting two writing workshops for tens to teens at Hornsby Library in the April school holidays. The library

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White Horses out now

View this post on Instagram Hey, I've got a piece in the latest @whitehorsesmag . It's a short profile on a man called Dennis, and it was the hardest thing I've ever written. Not because the writing was difficult, but because I wanted it so very much to be "right". He's someone I respect greatly, but when I was doing this piece, he

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Summer Skin in the US and Canada Spring 2018

View this post on Instagram (Shout out to @librariankaren who prompted me!) Summer Skin is going to be published in the States and Canada by Feiwel & Friends in Spring 2018. I forgot to post this here, which was silly because Insta is my happy place. I can't lie – I have wanted to be published in the States and Canada since forever,

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Opportunities for young writers (Australia)

I had an email recently that asked me about publishing/editing opportunities for young writers. I wanted to share my reply in case it helps others. If you know of other opportunities, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure the information is passed on (I’m sure there are heaps of others, but this is what came immediately to mind!): On youth publishers – the

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Things I have loved so much this week that I need to share them in case they are magic for you too include:  

1. Aurora. Just generally. Full stop necessary. But also Aurora talking about her new book shelf…

Me and my friend Em this morning. She was racing down the line to run me over. ⁣

In all seriousness I am glad you were around today to run me over emmalincolnsmith Would be lost without you mate 🖤Glad creative…

This show killed me. I came to Phoebe Waller Bridge via Season 1 of Killing Eve (🖤) and then Crashing (🖤) but Fleabag finished me off. First ep, I thought it was clever. By the third she’d got me in the guts. The…

Nick and me and Screen NSW giving us the THUMBS UP, BABY! We just got development funding for rawbluethefilm - We are so happy and can’t believe it really, because with film production presently at a standstill,…

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