Revisiting and accounting

The first draft of Raw Blue was written in June/July 2006. I didn’t know it at the time but I was pregnant with my first daughter. I worked in a kind of frenzy, telling my husband not to bother me when he asked if I wanted anything to eat, only taking time out when I had to work.  Over the next two years

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book extras

Raw Blue manicure

Excitement! Excitement! The Bookish Manicurist has done a Raw Blue manicure!!! This is the Oz YA equivalent of having a sculpture erected in your honour. You can check it out, along with the review and tome tour photos HERE.

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Wear the old coat

Today, magically, I’m back in London, with the one Brit who is too nice to comment on Australia’s lack of Olympic gold. I know. There is one. Her name is Jo, and she runs Wear the Old Coat. We’re having a Tea Party in this pub. And you can join us, by clicking HERE … Go on.   

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And to celebrate

Carly & Ryan hitting the UK, there’s a feature post on Raw Blue over at Book’d Out, along with a Giveaway (thanks to the lovely and hard-working Shelleyrae!), click HERE to get yourself over there … Want more? You can read what my UK publisher has to say about the book HERE …   

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NPR list of top 100 YA books

Get this – I’ve just been informed* that Raw Blue has made the voting list for the NPR’s top 100 teen books.   This means it’s in the top 235, despite never being published in the States, which makes me laugh in a frustrated sort of way. So thank you for nominating the book, you wonderfully supportive people!  If you feel thus inspired,

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Gratitude, I has it

1. I’ve just seen the full wraparound cover for Raw Blue in the UK (did I mention how much I love that cover???). Right underneath the back blurb, there’s a quote from Carla at The Crooked Shelf. And my UK publisher just told me that it was due to Carla’s review that she became aware of the book in the first place. *** 2.

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Raw Blue in the UK

Hey guys (especially those of you who are overseas), I just wanted to let you know that Raw Blue is going to be published in the UK in August, by Catnip Publishing. I’m so happy about this. Hopefully this makes it easier for some of you to get hold of the book. And once again my thanks go out to the blogging community

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Carly’s car

Went for a surf this morning and when I returned to my car afterwards, there was a yellow Laser parked right next to me. The exact same car – the exact same model – that Carly drove in Raw Blue (and they’re not common, least not any more). Parked exactly where she would have parked it. How weird. Sort of Lunar Parky (that

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Glittering lights

Raw Blue has the glitter skin, but it was only as I looked at the previous post I realised Night Beach has the glittering lights. Huh. Funny how you find patterns. It’s a recurring thing through the story. What do you call that? Motif? At seventeen, I’m in‑between. Staring at the carnival from a distance. Not sure if I want to go forward and

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