November news…

Recently I did an interview with Natalie Hatch over at talking about Raw Blue. You can check it out here. Bit slow in posting this – we’ve been away to Nelson Bay, crammed into a house with good friends and their beautiful kids. Fantastic times – lots of surfing, seafood and Halloween. Birubi was absolutely enormous, and One Mile Beach was summer

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Book editing – the process…

Book editors help you ‘see’. They understand what you’re trying to do better than you do; find the words that will help you do it; are your ‘go to’ person; and, best of all, are on your team. They bring so much to a book. I don’t know if that’s true of all editors, but it is certainly true of mine. And here

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Synaesthesia stuff…

People who’ve read Raw Blue keep saying they liked Danny. Which is nice. Because I liked him, too. A lot. Anyhow, then they either: a. say they know someone else with synaesthesia (or synesthesia as it is spelled in other places); or b. want to know more about it. Thing is, Danny just had this thing where he related colours to people from

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Book design – the process…

To me, ‘design’ is the functional, working arm of art. Creativity within constraints, like time and money. As a huge reader, I’m influenced by book design all the time. I’d heard of David Mitchell, knew he was a great writer, but I never would have picked up Cloud Atlas if it wasn’t for the fact I loved the cover. So how do you

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Before winter crashes the party…

Let’s take a second to remember the Autumn that was. Summer’s over, winter’s coming, but right now is the in-between, the change. I’ve always loved this time of year the most, always loved Easter more than Christmas. It’s because of surfing. The swell’s mixed, which means you still get runs of easterly swell, not like winter where it’s usually coming from the south

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