And Whiteley (and women)

Also on the subject of Night Beach and its influences – I checked out the National Gallery’s Brett Whiteley painting while I was down there. That’s right, they only have one. I’ve seen it live before, the last time I was there, but I’d forgotten until I saw it again. It’s called Interior With Time Past, and it’s awesome. Huge, for a start. Huge

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The Turner exhibition

While we’re on the subject of Night Beach (well, I was yesterday), or, more specifically, its influences, I’ve been down to see the Turner exhibition in Canberra.   I like seeing paintings live. The first time I saw Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Dorothea Tanning I was shocked by how small it was – and how perfect. And after staring at Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights all through uni

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WA premier’s book awards

Night Beach has been shortlisted for the Young Adult category!  Congrats to all the other shortlisted authors.  Hard to come back online after a three month absence – I feel like a student slinking into class late. And arriving on a self hyping post, too –  bad form, really. More to come (posts, not self hyping).     

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Something Wicked + Giveaway

Jenny of Supernatural Snark invited me over to do an interview in which we talk about all things supernatural and spooky. It’s part of a month long event called Something Wicked Comes. There is also a Night Beach GIVEAWAY for those of you who are in the States. Thanks to Jenny on both counts, especially for the fantastic questions. 

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In less than a week

I’ll be here (except I won’t be doing any of that yoga stretchy stuff). Woo hoo! The same place where Kane went in Night Beach … What’s that? You want me to bore you witless with the blog equivalent of a slide night when I get back? Okay.  

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Australian Book Review

Pam Macintyre has reviewed Night Beach in Australian Book Review. Eagar is in fine control of her Gothic material. The tone is brooding rather than frightening, moody rather than suspenseful, and gives the reader space to interpret the way the world tilts for Abbie … the characters, the powerful ocean setting, the descriptions of surfing, the exposure of a particular masculinity, the exploration of the creative impulse, and Abbie’s journey from uncertainty to acceptance, produce

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Inky’s shortlist

Night Beach made the Centre for Youth Literature’s shortlist for the Gold Inky – yay! See if you can pick it in the line-up. Hopefully you guys feel inspired to read all of these books, and you will love them equally, but then vote for me.   Just kidding. Kind of. But! To vote you must be between 12 and 20 years of

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Qld Literary Awards

You know, the ones that are now sans Premier. Night Beach has been shortlisted for the Young Adult category, so that’s nice to know. Congratulations also to Margo Lanagan, Vikki Wakefield, Neil Grant and Judith Clarke, and to their beautiful books. 

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