Raw Blue and Saltwater Vampires are now available electronically on Amazon.com

Yay!!! After all this time, and all this lobbying (thank you blogging community! thank you, Bibliophile Brouhaha) it means that those of you who have a Kindle, and are so minded … Well, you can finally read them! Thanks also to Pam for letting me know! ___________________________________ Update: Sorry guys, looks like I got carried away. I think it’s only available for Australian users

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Marching through March (news) …

H’okay, for me this month has been all about the Somerset Celebration of Literature. A massive thank you to all the parents, volunteers, organisers, students and the other authors for making it The. Best. Time. Ever. And special thanks to my student helpers Nathalia and Kumiko! While I was up there, I found out that Saltwater Vampires had been shortlisted for the NSW

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December news …

Linds at Bibliophile Brouhaha recently posted a review for Raw Blue that left me floored (in a really good way). You can check it out here … This review also clarified something for me; an issue that I have struggled with since the book was first published. That being – how much detail to go into when asked to describe the book. Linds

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November news …

Four new and unique reviews have come in for Raw Blue. You can check them out by clicking on the following links: Musty Pages Irresistible Reads Literary Life Book Grotto Also, Stuart McCulloch has done an in-depth review of Saltwater Vampires, which also gives a good background to the events surrounding the shipwreck of the Batavia. You can read it here … And

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October news …

Well, not news about October the month, but actually a couple of reviews and an interview. Reviews just in for Saltwater Vampires (click on the link to read each in its entirety): The Book Nerd: “5/5 stars … Saltwater Vampires is a little bit The Lost Boys and a little bit 30 Days of Night set in a small coastal Australian town. I

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And the morning after …

I did an interview for Between the Lineswith Danielle (who is also known as alphareader, has a passion for books that’s inspiring, and knows her Lost Boys from her Buffy). Big thanks to Danielle for making it fun.  

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Lost in stories …

Thanks to Romy from Lost in Stories for the most visually enticing interview I’ve ever done! (And the questions were good, too). We talked about Saltwater Vampires, writing, surfing, and the Batavia, and you can check it out here …

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How a book gets its cover … the process

Want to know how this: …………………….and this:………………………….fed into making this? .………..………… Then take a trip over to between the lines for a fascinating insight into the book cover design process – it’s the most in-depth post on this subject that I have ever read. It also includes some of the alternative cover designs for Saltwater Vampires. There were 70 of them. 70. Thank

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Salty reviews and interviews …

Two new reviews for Saltwater Vampires. Jamie and the other characters should be counting themselves lucky after being handled with such care. Click on the link to read each review in its entirety. “Saltwater Vampires is a highly addictive vampire novel which will suck you in from the very beginning (pardon the pun) … I like my vampires menacing and nasty and boy

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