Salty reviews and interviews …


Two new reviews for Saltwater Vampires. Jamie and the other characters should be counting themselves lucky after being handled with such care. Click on the link to read each review in its entirety.

Saltwater Vampires is a highly addictive vampire novel which will suck you in from the very beginning (pardon the pun) … I like my vampires menacing and nasty and boy does Kirsty Eagar deliver, these vampires gave me the creeps!” Lost in Stories

“Jamie and his mates are not your usual heroes or vampire slayers. They’re these loveable, freaked-out, wide-eyed and brave teens: flawed and crushed, hopeful and resilient. They’re mates who watch each others backs as well as let each other down …” inkcrush

There are also two interviews up:

One with the charming Empress Awesome;

And another in amongst the lovely vibe of Spellbound by Books.