NPR list of top 100 YA books


Get this – I’ve just been informed* that Raw Blue has made the voting list for the NPR’s top 100 teen books.  

This means it’s in the top 235, despite never being published in the States, which makes me laugh in a frustrated sort of way. So thank you for nominating the book, you wonderfully supportive people! 

If you feel thus inspired, vote again to push it into the top 100, and only good things will come to you … 

And if you haven’t read it yet, but want to, don’t forget it’s coming out in less than a week – 1 August – in the UK. You can pre-order now, and snaffle it for next to nix with free shipping …


*Thanks to the irrepressible Bibliophile Brouhaha for letting me know (via Melissa H)