Coona Shout Outs!


Thank you Coonabarabran – people, students, professional nodders, parents, and of course the staff of Coonabarabran High School, with an extra special mention to Kellie Nash and Champagne Deb. I didn’t think last year could be topped, but amazingly it was, which was also due to the awesomeness of the other presenters – JC Burke, Patrick May, Julian Larnach, Peter FitzSimons, Dr Mituota Kigotho.  

For those of you who’ve never been to Coona, get out there. It’s the sort of place where you make a date for dinner at the pub and turn up expecting five or so people, only to find forty waiting. WARM and WELCOMING.

And keep an eye on the Feast of Words, because this festival is going to get bigger and bigger. 

PS and thanks Bec and David for driving us to the airport – no small trip! (and for the research material – you’ll be in the next one, mark my words …)