Sydney Writers’ Festival 2016

Hey, I’ll be on a panel at the Sydney Writer’s Festival, at least until security finds out… It promises to be a massive day, with YA enjoying a vastly expanded share in the program. Hope to see you there :)

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Perfect morning (part 3)

View this post on Instagram And then (don't worry, this the last one) I made @surfphotosofyou 's daily report, and as we all know that blows my little mind – pop! – because I will always be a shameless frother. Perfect morning :) #surfing #northernbeaches #autumnsurf #surfglass A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Apr 4, 2016 at 7:22pm PDT

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Perfect morning (part 2)

View this post on Instagram And then the water was the most perfect Autumn green glass, and it was full of DOLPHINS. This is drone footage captured by @surfphotosofyou – subscribe! If you haven't already – but earlier they were right in amongst us surfers …. #surfing #northernbeaches A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Apr 4, 2016 at 7:12pm PDT

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Perfect morning (part 1)

View this post on Instagram Perfect morning. Was feeling springy because I got a new springy (then all my friends pretended they didn't know who I was) … #surfing A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Apr 4, 2016 at 7:06pm PDT

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New author bio and pic

View this post on Instagram This is my new Author pic and bio. Miss 7 did it. It pinched my heart because right now she is at the stage where she leaves love notes for me everywhere and I know it can't last, but, man, I am going to miss it when it's gone. In case this is getting too soppy I should

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Elle magazine

View this post on Instagram I have a small to medium sized piece in Elle Magazine (Australia) this month. (I have to be specific because I think I might have given peeps on Twitter a misleading impression and they're all now thinking 5-page spread.) It's about a real-life incident that is back story to Summer Skin. Nothing controversial, more poignant, and it involved

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View this post on Instagram Sun burning away the last of pea soup mist that rolled through the break this morning (called Inversion, apparently – see @surfphotosofyou – yesterday's post – for more photos and proper explanations). So thick it cut off our view of the beach, and the swell, so that waves loomed out of nowhere, but you couldn't really judge them

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Not cool or humble

View this post on Instagram Where I live, peeps be all cool and humble when they make the daily surf report by @surfphotosofyou … but not me! It is THE thrill of my existence. If you don't already subscribe, sign up – – you get pictures of northern beaches heaven delivered to your inbox daily. Also, don't worry, the standard of surfing

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Walk of shame

View this post on Instagram This reader is so bad ass! She only spent one night with Summer Skin and this is the book doing the walk of shame the next morning! I like knowing my books are seeing the wilder side of life :) She also paired it with cider – which I totally loved. I think we need more book and

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Tradies campaign #5

View this post on Instagram Safety Dance. #summerskin #loveOzYA @allenandunwin #bookstagram #yafiction #aussieya #yalit #newadult #tradiebookclub A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Mar 6, 2016 at 9:00pm PST

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Things I have loved so much this week that I need to share them in case they are magic for you too include:  

1. Aurora. Just generally. Full stop necessary. But also Aurora talking about her new book shelf…

Me and my friend Em this morning. She was racing down the line to run me over. ⁣

In all seriousness I am glad you were around today to run me over emmalincolnsmith Would be lost without you mate 🖤Glad creative…

This show killed me. I came to Phoebe Waller Bridge via Season 1 of Killing Eve (🖤) and then Crashing (🖤) but Fleabag finished me off. First ep, I thought it was clever. By the third she’d got me in the guts. The…

Nick and me and Screen NSW giving us the THUMBS UP, BABY! We just got development funding for rawbluethefilm - We are so happy and can’t believe it really, because with film production presently at a standstill,…

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