US cover for Summer Skin and GIVEAWAY coming up!


Hello! The US cover for SUMMER SKIN has been out in the world for a little while now, but I am not known for my punctuality, so I am revealing it here and now!

(Quick word from our sponsor – that is, me – SUMMER SKIN is published in the US and Canada on 29 May, by Feiwel & Friends.)


If you are thinking that it looks suspiciously like the Australian cover then you score 5 points. Here is the Australian cover for comparison:

I am so happy that they’ve kept things similar! I don’t think I could imagine Summer Skin with any other cover, and it was the original cover that was responsible for turning me into a fan of the colour pink. By the way, if you are still playing, you score 10 points per difference spotted, with a maximum possible of 220 points. No, I’m messing with you. There are nothing like 22 differences.

The other thing to note is that Fierce Reads will be doing a GIVEAWAY of 15 advanced reading copies of SUMMER SKIN on Goodreads very shortly. I will be back to remind you when it’s started (I imagine it’s only for residents in the US and Canada, though).

More soon!