Sydney Writers’ Festival May 2018 – Secondary Schools Program

Hey guys, just a quick heads up! I am on the Sydney Writers’ Festival’s Secondary Schools Program this year. I am thrilled about doing this, and extra thrilled by my co-presenters: Jesse Andrews, Alison Croggan and Patrick Ness. I know, right?! For more information, please visit Sydney Writers Festival.    

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Festivals and workshops – April 2017

Hello! Look at how long it’s been since I’ve visited this blog! Cobwebs everywhere. I’ve got a couple of festival appearances coming up, and I mention them because if you’re in Newcastle or Brisbane, I would absolutely love to catch up with you. Also! I’m conducting two writing workshops for tens to teens at Hornsby Library in the April school holidays. The library

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White Horses out now

View this post on Instagram Hey, I've got a piece in the latest @whitehorsesmag . It's a short profile on a man called Dennis, and it was the hardest thing I've ever written. Not because the writing was difficult, but because I wanted it so very much to be "right". He's someone I respect greatly, but when I was doing this piece, he

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Summer Skin in the US and Canada Spring 2018

View this post on Instagram (Shout out to @librariankaren who prompted me!) Summer Skin is going to be published in the States and Canada by Feiwel & Friends in Spring 2018. I forgot to post this here, which was silly because Insta is my happy place. I can't lie – I have wanted to be published in the States and Canada since forever,

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Opportunities for young writers (Australia)

I had an email recently that asked me about publishing/editing opportunities for young writers. I wanted to share my reply in case it helps others. If you know of other opportunities, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure the information is passed on (I’m sure there are heaps of others, but this is what came immediately to mind!): On youth publishers – the

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Uni of Qld Alumni This is Your Life Kind of Thing

Actually, that whole heading is a massive exaggeration … but I am Uni of Qld Alumni, and I did do an interview with the irrepressible Katie Rowney for their online blog. It’s about the time I had there (both at uni and at college) and how I went from using my degree to writing books (which isn’t really using my degree, but they

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