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Hey, I've got a piece in the latest @whitehorsesmag . It's a short profile on a man called Dennis, and it was the hardest thing I've ever written. Not because the writing was difficult, but because I wanted it so very much to be "right". He's someone I respect greatly, but when I was doing this piece, he took the ultimate risk and trusted me enough to be vulnerable. I want to say so much more, and it's all kind of tied up with watching Man Up last night (ABC2 – it's on iview – http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/man-up/DO1504H001S00 – if you haven't seen it, PLEASE watch it, because it will slay you in the best way). But it boils down to this: you never connect quite so much as when you're wide open. (On this, I should also holler THANKS to @wickssurf for good counsel). There's also a cracking article on Hawaii by Gary Young aka @mugofsunshine . He's also a man brave enough to show his vulnerability and in this case the results are fuqqing hilarious. It's the funniest thing I've read in ages. (P.S. The guys who now own White Horses started it in the first place and have purchased it from the media company who backed them to begin with – so they have also taken a big risk and made themselves vulnerable, and they deserve all the love for doing it. It is BEAUTIFUL, beyond a magazine – every issue is a work of art. If you're not reading it already, surfer or not, go buy it. You won't be sorry.) #whitehorsesmag #whitehorses #surfwriting #surfing #vulnerability #men #manup #surfmagazines #surflife

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