Opportunities for young writers (Australia)


Express media

I had an email recently that asked me about publishing/editing opportunities for young writers. I wanted to share my reply in case it helps others. If you know of other opportunities, please leave a comment and I’ll make sure the information is passed on (I’m sure there are heaps of others, but this is what came immediately to mind!):

On youth publishers – the first place I thought of was Express Media. http://www.expressmedia.org.au/ (I notice the deadline for their next issue is September 18). The other thing that came to mind is the Somerset Literary Festival Novella Competition http://www.somerset.qld.edu.au/celebration-of-literature/competitions/novella-writing/ The competition itself is very high profile and it offers the opportunity for the winner to work with a Penguin Random House Editor.

In terms of other opportunities more generally, you could keep checking in with the New South Wales Writers’ Centre (or the Writers’ Association in your state, eg. the Queensland Writers’ Centre) or the Australian Society of Authors (http://www.nswwc.org.au/ , http://www.qwc.asn.au/ or https://www.asauthors.org/ ). And one way of getting quality editing is to consider a manuscript assessment. They match people with working editors, and can be great for getting feedback on a piece of longer writing. 

Okay, a couple to add to the list already, with thanks to Katie Rowney:

And a couple more with thanks to Danielle Binks:

And we have these thanks to the lovely Jessica Walton:

And for young writers in Qld, with thanks to Sophie Overett for the heads up: