Run rabbit, run

I’ve got three of Dan McCarthy’s prints, but really I’d like to have them all – note to self, buy more walls. I named a chapter in Night Beach after one of his paintings (The Gloaming). I wish I had been early enough to pick up this print. It glows in the dark.    

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Forever Dare (III)

So I’m back from Coonabarabran, and Coona High’s Feast of Words festival. (Forever Dare, because it’s Coona High’s motto, and (III) because it was my third time out there). This school punches far above its weight. Just goes to show how good a public school can be when it has incredible staff and the support of a community. Feast of Pi is run

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Can be good. I’m off to work in it for a while. But before I go, I wanted to wish you guys a merry Christmas and a happy 2013. Thanks for reading, thanks for your emails, thanks for sharing the work. And while we’re on the topic of silence, I found this really helpful. Maybe some of you will, too. 

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All I want for Christmas

Is this print by Daniel Danger. Alas, it sold out millions of years ago. Check out his work if you haven’t already seen it. (It’s been featured on Supernatural. How’s that for props?)   

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Carly’s car

Went for a surf this morning and when I returned to my car afterwards, there was a yellow Laser parked right next to me. The exact same car – the exact same model – that Carly drove in Raw Blue (and they’re not common, least not any more). Parked exactly where she would have parked it. How weird. Sort of Lunar Parky (that

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Happy 21st

Centre for Youth Literature! The celebratory program looks hot, so if you’re down that way (Melbourne) get on it.  

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Glittering lights

Raw Blue has the glitter skin, but it was only as I looked at the previous post I realised Night Beach has the glittering lights. Huh. Funny how you find patterns. It’s a recurring thing through the story. What do you call that? Motif? At seventeen, I’m in‑between. Staring at the carnival from a distance. Not sure if I want to go forward and

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Carpe noctem

(Photo used with permission) This is why I love the internet – happy accidents. I was doing a search on carpe noctem, (which means ‘seize the night’, a play on carpe diem), and I came across We Are Sleeping Giants – the project site for a series of photographs by Canadian photographer Brooks Reynolds about summer nights, youth, and that moment just before something

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Can’t process what happened to George Floyd. But I can understand the anger and the helplessness when things seem to just repeat and not change. And I took so much from Christian Cooper’s dignity in response to what…

During the lockdown our local library took to delivering books in person. They arrived in cool bags that are now going to be my shopping bags (unless they want them back).⁣

It was so nice to have a visitor, but…

You know how in stories there are magic helpers? In life, I think a magic helper is someone who comes for a walk when you feel yuck, or says yes when you ring up to say you need to go dancing (which isn’t to say…

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