So if you’re into film or music videos or Sarah Blasko…


You may have already seen the new clip for Sarah’s song, We Won’t Run – a beautiful optical illusion shot in a single take.

And you may be really interested to know that Natasha Pincus, who directed/produced the video, is going to answer questions for the Process part of this blog on how she made the clip. I’ll have it up by the 12th August and it will be awesome, because with her usual big hearted generosity, Natasha really does go through exactly what it took (plus shares some photos from the shoot). To paraphrase John McClane: Yippee-ki-yay-filmlover.

Some other interesting facts about Natasha P:

  • she writes, directs and produces;
  • her films Emma and the Barista and Love’s Labour are award winners and have screened at numerous international film festivals;
  • she is writing the pilot episode for a new TV series in development with Channel 9;
  • her music video for Paul Kelly’s God Told Me To won the 2007 Inside Film award for Best Music Video;
  • and she used to be a solicitor at a big wig Melbourne law firm before she decided to focus on filmmaking full time…

Want more? Check out Natasha and her team at