Skeleton teaser …


Okay, so as we’ve all noticed I’ve been beyond slack on the blog front lately … BUT I do have a great blog on process coming up. Years ago now, I got to know this laidback lass who surfs where I surf. At that time she’d just been selected by the Australian Institute of Sport as part of an elite squad put together with a view to competing at the highest level in skeleton. Something she had never done before.

Her name is Emma Lincoln-Smith, and in February this year she competed at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In just under six years, she has gone from never having tried the sport before, to competing at the Olympics. Amazing, hey?

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to talk to her about her process, given that her pursuit of choice is to hurtle face-first on a sled down a track where athletes have reached speeds of 143 km/hr. Yeesh.