Phase 1: New Moon


Ready to start writing your new story? Welcome to the new moon phase of our writing cycle.
  • Right now, the new moon is not even visible in the sky. 
  • I’m giving us 3 days for this phase (by then we should be able to see the waxing crescent). 
  • It’s an Aquarius new moon. The takeaway themes are Bring Yourself to the Story and Creative Freedom.
  • In terms of the doing, there are three things that matter for this phase: 
    • Your working practice 
    • Your idea
    • Your intent

This is a GENTLE time of quiet exploration and building your resolve.

Your energy is INWARD. More yin than yang, okay? This means you are sharing with YOURSELF — you are LISTENING to yourself, you are SOLVING yourself.

You are putting parameters around your idea for a story, helping it develop SKIN and SHAPE.

Protect it — don’t share it; don’t doubt it.

To do this, you will need to be PATIENT and STILL, and put time aside to SIT WITH IT. 

Now, onto what this means in terms of WORKING PRACTICE