Phase 2: February Waxing Crescent


Okay, we're starting to yang up. We've got the full moon on the 27th in our sights. Time to GO!

  • This phase: 16th February to the first quarter moon on the 20th February.
  • That said, we’re setting up for a bigger push through until the full moon on the 27th.
  • I generally like to start this phase when I SEE the crescent in the sky, but Sydney has been overcast and cloudy and it’s not happening.
  • You should know, as well, that these don’t have to be hardline “pencils down, hands away” changeovers. They’re transitions. So you might still want to spend some of your daily working time on your new moon idea and intent. But not all of it, okay? We can catch up on the other side of the full moon, or in the next cycle. We do have to push a bit.
  • As we start, the moon is in Aries. That means: Go! Do! Channel it.

In terms of the doing, we’re focused on two things:

  • Using the left side of the brain in our working practice.
  • Committing to a full moon writing goal.

And before I forget! I meant to include a quick explanation of why I am so insistent on pen and paper in the early stages.

Just to break things up, I’m going to do it via a video extract of my Story Smart for Primary School course because includes a nice drawing of the brain.

You can also take the word of Barack Obama, who also works this way.

Not a shampooing demonstration, but firm science-based stuff.

Right, let’s start with our working practice.