Surfing outbrain


Just because it’s Friday and you might need a little ‘traffic outbrain’. I actually don’t even know what that means, I just notice it comes up in the address bar when you click on a ‘junk food for your mind’ type news story instead of a serious news story.

First this: My brother-in-law alerted me to it. I chose to watch it on my phone in bed at 1.30am when I couldn’t sleep (with the sound turned down, so I wouldn’t wake up everybody else in the house, which made it even creepier).

And this – I have been night surfing, courtesy of full moons and foolhardiness (feeding time, anyone?) but now what I really want is my own wave pool. How beautiful:

And then this. This made me laugh. I think because I grew up riding motorbikes. The sheer irreverence is kind of glorious: