Book hatching – be there!


Guess what? I’m going out again. Yes, I know. That’s like two events in two months!

Anyway, if you are Newcastle inclined, and I most certainly am because I’ve been wanting to get to know Newcastle better for ages, come and celebrate with Trinity Doyle as her book, PIECES OF SKY, hatches and goes out into the world. I will be launching it, and she and I have been very gangster about the whole thing and not sensible AT ALL, so I hope she doesn’t regret asking me.

(Also, if you are not going to be able to make it, you will get to enjoy Trin’s post for the Where The Magic Happens series on that very same day, 30th of May, right here.)

Trin book launch

Her book is on my mantelpiece as we speak, looking special:

Trin book 2