Phase 3: First Quarter


Couple of key points to see you through until the full moon on the 27th.

Well, I’m in Central Queensland right now, and the internet connection is sketchy, so this will be short and sweet. 

  • Keep pushing forward with your new story.
  • The moon is in Gemini at the moment. If you’re like me, that means you have a sudden urge to talk to someone about what it is you’re trying to do. I’m a talker — I tend to sort it out in my own brain when I have to articulate it to someone else. BUT! Choose your listener well! Someone who won’t crush your idea because it’s still fairly skinless. Someone who won’t try and solve things.  
  • Energy is outward! So be careful you don’t spend all your time just talking. You actually need to make marks on a page. If you’ll remember, I spent my crescent moon phase sketching out the scenes I intended to write in full. I now have to commit and actually do them. 
  • It will not necessarily be comfortable! You may at this point be wondering whether this is a viable project or not. Or perhaps thinking about some other great idea that you have, and whether you should in fact be working on that instead. 
  • I have had to remind myself that I have been thinking of this story for well over a year. It has not faded away into obscurity, it has fleshed itself out, become more insistent about being written. 
  • I also have had to remind myself that I am very much in the early part of the first draft stage, which means the work I am doing isn’t up to scratch. And that’s okay. It’s raising more questions for me than answers, things I still have to work out story-wise, gaps in the timeline, gaps in my characterisation. 
  • These are all things we will come back to — BUT ONLY AFTER THE FULL MOON. 
  • Okay, that’s it from me. Push forward. Get the work out. It’s only 7 more days. You can do it. The first push on the first cycle of any new work is always really, really difficult. Don’t expect too much. Just turn up. When you doubt yourself, remember to breathe and clear your head. Stay in your right brain. Build, baby, build. Nobody is going to stop you, except you.