May’s playlist


These are my favoured writing songs this month. Love, love, LOVE the new release by War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream – so much so that I bought it on vinyl (#hipsterwankery but I don’t care). It made me go looking through their old stuff, hence ‘Big Missiles’ – probably my favourite W.O.D. song. Lana? Fascinates me. In a weird way, I think she’s the true successor to Madonna, because she has that same ability to take influences and make them uniquely her own. Sia – I read the interview with her in the NY Times (HERE) and wondered if I could apply the same approach to working (well, I can’t do a re-write in 14 mins, but I could at least stop second guessing myself). Found this with her (HERE) and was charmed. She’s so open you don’t know whether to laugh or worry.

Also on music – I LOVE people sharing, but I am completely over men announcing self-importantly that I should follow them on Spotify like they’re doing me some giant favour. (I say men, because no woman has ever said this to me; at present the ratio is 5:0). As if they find new music by researching it in some special, rarefied way, when really they’re just like everybody else – the internet vomits it up for them or they’ve heard it on Triple J. I am also over people who try to shame those of us who are singles sluts. Yes, yes, you’re true connoisseurs, and we’re flippety gibbety, but let’s face it – not everyone puts out albums that are worth listening to in full; sometimes an act is only good for a song. I save the album purchases for those who truly deserve it (see W.O.D. above). It’s not even the internet’s fault, because I’ve always been like that – hell, you should see my Cassingle collection.

What are you guys listening to? Recommendations welcome anytime, playlists embraced, or at the very least feel free to take the piss out of me and tell me to follow you on Spotify ;)