Summer Skin playlist


It’ll give you nearly 3 hours of auditory pleazzzure. But – plot twist! – it’s not 100% correct. The real playlist is the chapter list. Every chapter is a song title (and the artist is mentioned somewhere in the corresponding chapter – except Ch.23, Everything is Embarrassing, because Sky Ferreira, the artist, is mentioned at the end of Ch.22 instead).

So what’s different? Spotify wouldn’t let me add ‘Alpha’ by LOLO BX.

Nor could I include ‘Pictures’ by Wish.

So I stuck ‘How Do You Do It’ by Empress of in there instead because I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

Also I substituted ‘This is what makes us girls’ by Lana Del Rey, for ‘You can be the boss’ – also by Lana Del Rey. If you do a search around you’ll probably find it. It’s one of her demo songs from when she was early into her ingenue phase. (On this – when will she release those demo songs? Is that planned? Has it happened?) Anyway, my original choice goes a lot better with that chapter (which is one of the controversial ones, apparently).

And everything else is the same.

The chapter list is included below, just in case you are the obsessive type (like me, obviously ;).

[themify_box style=”grey note rounded” ]


    1. I go over
    2. Alpha
    3. Pictures
    4. Known better
    5. Boys like you
    6. Games
    7. Hands
    8. You can be the boss
    9. Teeth
    10. Fever for the flava
    11. I don’t wanna hear it
    12. Shut up and let me go
    13. Get free
    14. Warm water
    15. Cherokee
    16. Team
    17. Hey ladies
    18. Catch me
    19. Left hand free
    20. So what?
    21. Closer
    22. Lovers in the parking lot
    23. Everything is embarrassing
    24. My number
    25. Holidays
    26. Cause I’m a man
    27. How to fly
    28. Burning
    29. Rendezvous
    30. Highspeeds
    31. Oblivion
    32. Little secrets
    33. Busy earnin’
    34. My car
    35. Open
    36. Ordinary
    37. Island
    38. My delirium
    39. Love is to die
    40. Wish I was
    41. Fire meet gasoline
    42. What kind of man
    43. Tough love
    44. Summer