Summer Skin on OzYAY! on ABC Local with Rhianna Patrick


Okay, so that’s the hardest post title I have ever written. But, deconstructed, it means that this Sunday 5th June, on the OzYAY! segment of Rhianna Patrick’s ABC LOCAL program, Summer Skin is being discussed, along with Jaclyn Moriarty’s A Tangle of Gold (7pm to 8pm AEST). Jaci and I will be interviewed about our books during the segment, and they will be discussed by OzYAY! regulars Sarah Mayor Cox and Jeann Wong. BUT! Things get interactive afterwards, because you can ask Jaci and I questions from 8pm onwards at Rhianna Patrick’s Facebook page. (I’m sorry, I know that grammatically that whole paragraph sucks.)

If you miss it, it’ll be up on Rhianna’s Soundcloud page afterwards. I’ll post the link.