Summer Skin officially cast forth into the world


Yes, I know, I feel like it’s been around for ages too. But it came out yesterday, on the 27th of January, and of course I have to say the date because 27 is my lucky number. My best friend, as best friends do, went straight down to her local bookshop and harassed them (which they didn’t mind because she also buys lots of books from them) and asked why it wasn’t in the YA section, and they said:

[themify_quote]Oh, no, it’s too sexy for that. We’re putting it in Adult[/themify_quote]

I also want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Justine Larbalestier, whose book My Sister Rosa went out into the world on the same day. When you read it – and you have to because it’s one of the most suspenseful novels I have ever read – you will agree that the idea of Rosa being out in the world is actually quietly terrifying. But as long as she’s contained within pages it’s a very good thing. I am wildly excited about doing Sydney and Melbourne launches with Justine, because we bounce off each other really well, and also because she’s a top chick. (We also did a podcast together at Booktopia, and I’m putting it in a following post).

And another big CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Jacobson who debuted yesterday with her novel, Yellow. My comments after reading a review copy were quoted on the jacket: ‘This story has such a generous heart. I loved it. Utterly unique and beautifully written, Yellow pulls you into the rhythms of life in a small coastal town; its beauty and its harsh realities. But it’s the supernatural element that illuminates the story, weaving through the loves and hopes of characters you care for deeply. I was there every inch of the way with Kirra, as she fought for a future she could believe in, and I cheered for her too.’

I’ll leave you with one more thing. I did an interview with Libby Armstrong, owner of a new bookstore opening in Sydney: Beachside Bookshop (above). I have mentioned this new bookstore a lot on social media, but can’t remember if I have mentioned it here. The important thing is that it specialises in Children’s and Young Adult literature. Whoot! Whoot! The other important thing is that Libby is heaps of fun and second generation YA bookseller – Ruth Park was her pen pal – yes, I’m serious. So if you’re in Sydney, go and say hello (or come to the launch of the bookshop in Avalon on the 18th – details here). And in the meantime, watch the video above. It was filmed, directed and edited by Tom Sanderson, an incredibly talented young filmmaker. Plus Tradies.

PS If you do happen to read Summer Skin, I hope you like it, and thank you for all the support you have shown me in general (not just if you read it).