Saltwater Vampires gets born today …


And a couple of reviews have come in. I’m sure I’m not the only newish author who knows they have a lot to be grateful to the blogging community for, in terms of getting a book out there.

To read them in their entirety, please click on the link:

“This is not your run of the mill teen vampire book. Kirsty Eagar has mixed Australian history, vampires and surfing and rolled out a fast paced thriller that I couldn’t put down. I had to finish it last night, even though I only received it in the mail yesterday morning …” We love YA

“For those of you that like your vampires to be the traditional, evil beings that they are. This one’s for you … Within the first few pages of Chapter one I was getting that nervous feeling in my stomach for the characters. Eagar has done a brilliant job in creating realistic and complex characters who I think we can all relate to in some form or another.” Spellbound by Books

Saltwater Vampires takes place in and around the sea (Australia is an island; after all). The sand and surf make for an eerie backdrop to the collision and confrontations with the vampires. The eeriness of a black ocean at night, and the loneliness of crashing waves; Eagar captures this picturesque Australian scenery and turns it into an astonishingly spine-tingling gothic setting …” Alpha Reader