Night Beach Giveaway, Aussie and International


So! Today’s the 27th, which is our pre-appointed date for a GIVEAWAY. And those of you who’ve been here before and have highly tuned powers of perception will have no doubt noticed that something’s a leeetle bit different. Hopefully you’re thinking, I love what you’ve done with the place. Because, yes, I’ve had a web makeover. You are all so cutting edge with your iPhones and other thingys that it was decided this should be a responsive website, which apparently means it changes size like magic. 

It’s pretty plain right now, but when I have time I can play with it. Dress it up with waves, or sand, or chandeliers, as the fancy takes me.

And the whole thing’s got me thinking about what an author website should do anyway. Which is where you guys and the Giveaway come in. 

What would you like to see on this website? What changes should I make to suit you more? 


1. I’ve got one copy of Night Beach for Australian residents, and another copy for those of you who live in The Rest of the World

2. Using the contact form on this website, and marking the subject box either Australian Giveaway or International Giveaway, drop me a line. 

3. Let me know what changes you’d like to see on this website. Maybe you want more writing-related information. Maybe you’re particularly into one of the books, and you want more information about that. Maybe you liked the old process interviews I used to to do. Tell me why it matters to you.

4. In two weeks time, on the 10th of June, I’ll announce the winners. You don’t have to worry about only making suggestions that you think I’ll implement, what I’m really after is your considered opinion!

5. I’ll post copies of Night Beach to the winners, stamped and signed to within an inch of their lives. 

Thanks guys! Just know I’m going to appreciate anything you come up with!


PS Normal blogging to resume soon … One thing we’ve proven this month is that I’m incapable of blogging in two places at once. So not a multi-tasker. And on that note –  THANKS to those of  you who’ve turned up at Inside a Dog to help me out. (I am also running a Giveaway over there, so if you’re in Australia, and you want to flex your creative muscles in the hope of winning a copy of Night Beach, click on this post for more info – you’ve got until the 30th).