Night Beach – coming February 2012 …



Hey peoples, here is the cover for Night Beach – isn’t it beautiful? The book will be out in February next year, and I’m currently busy, busy, busy on the edits. More to come on Night Beach, but for now I’m going to make up a genre and call it sea-gothic. It’s about art, the ocean, and the very dark things that feed the creative process … There’s surfing in there, and a look at the idea of ownership. But mainly it’s about a girl called Abbie and a guy called Kane.

For the cover groupies amongst you – this one was designed by Marina Messiha, rock star of book design (so from now on RSBD). Marina also designed the Saltwater Vampires cover and if you want to read about her process you can check out this post on Penguin’s Between the Lines site.

What’s that? You’re obsessed with cover design? Well you can check out Tony Palmer’s process for designing Raw Blue‘s cover in this post.