Manly Arts Festival


Thursday 20th September, 2012 

I’ll be participating in Re(a)d or White, as part of the Manly Arts Festival.

This one’s for the ADULTS among you, as there’ll be drinking involved and posh voices. Each of the panellists will be picking a book to discuss and pairing it with a wine. I’ve picked Honey Brown’s Red Queen.  Why? Because she’s one of my favourite writers. I could go on and on about her writing, but to hear that you’ll have to come along.

I’m pairing it with Wirra Wirra’s Scrubby Rise, because it’s a blend of three grape varieties. Those of you who’ve read the book will now be nodding knowingly. I know, I thought I was clever, too. Apparently it’s a risky move in wine making and the book is risky, too – in the best way! Dark, brooding, a little bit wrong, but oh so right. 

Where: Manly Library, Market Place, Manly 
When: Thurs 20 Sept, 6pm
Cost: $15 adult
Contact: 9976 1747,


PS Stay tuned because more incoming upcomings soon.