Look at these fine looking books


(I have been doing edits for too long. As I typed that header, I thought to myself, “Repetition. Get rid of either ‘look’ or ‘looking’. You can’t have both.”)

I’m going to be in Geelong with their owners soon – Gab Williams and Doug MacLeod. We’ll be at Wordage, a festival.

This is an UPCOMING EVENTS post in case you’re wondering why I’m telling you this. So consider yourself updated. I will let you know more details when I get more details. Really, the details I’m sweating on are how I might be able to swing an extra day down there so I can go to Torquay. I know. My heart bleeds for me, too. If you’re overseas and you want to know what Torquay is, it’s a town near Bells Beach which is “allegedly” where Bodhi died in Point Break. Obviously a pilgrimage I must make (although I have actually been there a couple of times, but whatever).

But are you having a nice Friday? Song for the day is old school Danger Mouse. If you need a laugh you should check out Doug Macleod’s blog site. He has nude CBCA ladies on it, and a lot of daleks.