Carpe noctem


(Photo used with permission)

This is why I love the internet – happy accidents. I was doing a search on carpe noctem, (which means ‘seize the night’, a play on carpe diem), and I came across We Are Sleeping Giants – the project site for a series of photographs by Canadian photographer Brooks Reynolds about summer nights, youth, and that moment just before something happens.

You have to check these out. THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL.

Seriously, check them out.

Brooks’ blog showcases some of the things he’s working on and covers his process. Some spectacular gridiron shots (here) for FNL fans (hey, that’s about as close as we get down under), and if you’re like me and have a thing for band photos, there are heaps of them (example here).

I’ve been thinking about what you call that thing about some people’s work which means it just grabs you (and by work, I mean anything – art, photography, surfing, writing …). It’s more than style. It’s more than the finished product. And it includes things like work ethic and attitude. I think the complete bundle is something like ‘sensibility’.

Anyway, check out Brooks’ sensibility. I really like it.