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Hello! I recently did an interview with Brisbane News Magazine, talking about Summer Skin, female sexuality and my time at UQ. You can read the full thing here.

Brisbane News Magazine full

The journo who wrote this, Jodie Munro O’Brien, was fantastic, and I hope more Oz YA authors get the chance to talk to her. Seeing the photo felt a bit weird, though, because I wouldn’t pick that person out in a line-up as being me – apart from the surfer shoulders. (Don’t think I’m being body-negative – I’m not. I like having big shoulders and lats thanks to surfing. I take comfort from knowing that if ever I was dressed in a strapless evening dress – my idea of hell – I would bust out of that shit like the Hulk). Me and dresses generally – just no. I was wearing a different one when I got there, carefully chosen, and the photographer said, “So when you get changed we’ll get started”*. Always what you want to hear :) Luckily I had that one balled up in the back of my car, stinky and dank with stale sea water.

*I don’t mean he was being rude, more that I have NO IDEA how to dress for such things. This is the second time this has happened with a photographer.