The continued adventures of Reading Guy


Reading Guy being the imaginary person I discuss books with when I’ve read them. I’m sharing him with you because a. the pics of him are just too good to waste, and b. if you need proof I spend too much time in a room by myself making things up, here it be. He last made an appearance back in March, and I’ve read truckloads since then. Can’t remember them all, but here are the highlights:

the guy the girl the artist and his ex (gab williams)

Now, before you get all, That’s one of your friends, why should I trust you? I have to say that one of the reasons I like Gab so much is because she is LIKE her writing. Funny, witty, smart, and big HEARTED. Loved these characters, even the naughty ones. Also, for the writers out there – Gab does amazing things with structure. Like Station 11 (look back at March) I couldn’t see the threads, and from memory, Gab’s first YA novel, Beatle Meets Destiny was incredible in this sense, as well. The Guy, The Girl, The Artist and his Ex has a sequel coming, too. Here’s Reading Guy waiting for it:


I didn’t want to leave the eighties when I finished this, which brought me to (SEGUE):


I had to buy this one secondhand and get it shipped because it’s out of print. Damn shame, I think. Anyway, I read it years ago, and I’ve never ever forgotten it. And then I talked to Gabrielle Williams, who I just knew would have read it, too, and she hasn’t forgotten it either.

A quick précis: fashion-obsessed girl living in New York works as a door whore for a club, gets sacked, and then starts what turns out to be Manhattan’s most exclusive night club in her tiny flat. Also, she names her clothes. That’s pretty much what I remembered, but what I hadn’t realised is how many things in this book later popped up in screen culture (which is a polite way of dancing around the term ‘appropriated’ because it must be coincidence I’m sure). For example: that hair gel scene in Something About Mary, and quite a few things in Sex and the City. For the record, Reality Nirvana Tuttle kicks Carrie Bradshaw’s arse, and she’d be kicking it in Manolo Blahniks because Reality wears them too.

Then I went back in time to Henry the Eighth and Thomas Cromwell and Anne of Boleyn:

Bring up the bodies

Which once again confirmed for me that I have absolutely no interest in power and the people who seek it. As far as dealing with power mongers is concerned, I prefer the Robert Downey Jr. approach:

Robert Downey Jr

But all that’s a digression, and certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying Bring up the Bodies. I wish I’d let more time go by before tackling it, because I read Wolf Hall what seemed like not that long ago (a year maybe) and this, to me, was very much a continuation of that story, in terms of style etc. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, though, and Mantel’s one of my favourite authors. Out of all her works, the one that really took my breath away was: Eight Months on Ghazzah Street.

Then I ended up in the nineties:


Because sometimes you need a little grunge in your life. I was in Brisbane in the nineties, so that was all the Roxy, the Zoo, the Beat, going to bands, playing pool … SKUNKHOUR! (I shouted that for Vikki Wakefield, in case she visits). One of the guys in our circle ended up in Powderfinger, but even as we were enjoying having our names down on the door, we were all saying he should finish his science degree :) What tools. What surprised me about this book was how much I enjoyed reading it for its diary format! Weird, but true. There was something so soothing and non-demanding (in a good way) about reading a day-to-day account like this. I thought the author was really fair, which matters, especially when it comes to things like the wider representation/misrepresentation of Courtney.

Okay, I’m tired. I read a lot of other things, but I can’t remember them now. To leave you, this is what I’m reading now. It’s very, very good company :) I know I promised Trin’s Where the Magic Happens post tomorrow, but we’ll have to get to it some other time, because she’s got a book to bring into the world, and I’ve got to get to Newcastle to be there for it.

Please be brave and share what you’re reading, too, would love some recommendations.


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