The big, ugly invisible issue


Thanks to an excellent review post by Alpha Reader, I’ve just read this article: Sex Education: far from decent, and also a related article which discusses the extent to which violent pornography is now accessed on a regular basis by regular teenagers. No. More than that, it argues that porn is now our main sex educator, during a period in which porn content has become increasingly violent and disrespectful towards women.

The only way this is going to be redressed is by talking about it. Bad things flourish when good people stick their heads in the sand because they find the issue (understandably!) difficult to address.

I can’t say it better than Benjamin Law (author of the first article – “Sex Education: far from decent”):

Teenagers are smart. They instinctively know when you’re patronising them. Cast your mind back to when you were a teenager yourself: you appreciated it when adults trusted you with sensitive information, and assumed you could make choices based on that information … Frightening things are only combatted by shedding light on them.