Extract now readable & pre-orders now doable!

And if that heading isn’t good English I just don’t know what is. More formally – if you’d like to read an Extract (with a capital E) of SUMMER SKIN, then click here. And if you take the leap of faith and pre-order I will obviously love you forever! Just a heads up – the suggested age on this one is 17+, okay? Also, consider

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book extras

ARC giveaway

There’s a SUMMER SKIN ARC (advanced reading copy) giveaway happening on Allen & Unwin Teen facebook page. 5 copies up for grabs.

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Upcoming RADIO event

I had to shout the RADIO bit, because I really like RADIO. Remains to be seen whether RADIO really likes me – in fact, you can be the judge. I’m talking THE Alex Tighe at 7AM, this Wednesday morning (that’s the 14th of October) on SURG FM as part of their marathon charity broadcast. We will probably discuss eyebrows – chiefly his, soon to be

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What I’ve been up to lately

Three things! 1. We just finished the proofread of SUMMER SKIN. I say ‘we’ because, of course, it’s not just me doing it – that would be dreadful; so many msistakes would slip through unnoticed. I should feel a bit emotional about it being done, because it’s one step closer to waving bye-bye to the characters, and saying, ‘Hello, world, list for me the

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Look at that – I shouted in the subject line, how rude. But guess what??? The release month for SUMMER SKIN has been confirmed. To celebrate, I’ve put it in my tag cloud. Massive plot hint: it’s incredibly apt that it sits next to ‘sex’ in aforementioned tag cloud. (Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever formally announced the title anywhere here

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