Sydney Writers’ Festival


I’ll be there! Speaking! Eruditely! With Margo Lanagan and Lucy Christopher and Hilary Rogers.

The session is called Her Dark Materials (sexy title, hey what?), it’s on Sunday the 20th May at the Bangarra Theatre from 11.30am to 12.30pm.

For more details, click here. Thus endeth the upcoming events posts.


PS This has a weird life-revisiting-itself feel, because 3 years ago I went to the SWF just before Raw Blue was published, and I sat in on one of Margo’s events and then hung around afterwards to tell her how much I loved Singing My Sister Down, then I met my publisher, Laura Harris, for the first time, and Melina Marchetta, and Bernard Zuel (the music reviewer in Raw Blue, and in real life, too). And then I caught a bus home, feeling a bit down because I didn’t think I fit in. Overstimulated, probably. People have since told me that they always feel like that at writers’ festivals.  This year, I’ll just be feeling lucky to be there.