… post today (I try to restrain myself but this one slipped through). Actually it’s more about the surf industry and branding. Billabong is struggling and looking around for a buyer. Nike, the new kid on the block, has been buying up team riders with swoosh appeal from the other surf companies. (For more on this, there’s an excellent post by Stu Nettle at Swellnet on the big surf companies’ current state of flux).

But what I want to know is –

Will Adidas ever be “all in” on surfing?

I love the “all in” ad – it’s partly the music, and partly because Adidas was the cachet brand at my high school, so I have a sentimental attachment to the three stripes. But it also made me think. They’re already into skateboarding. And they sign big-name stadium fillers like Beckham and Messi … All they need now is Slater, filmed somewhere like Huntington Beach, doing some kind of air, and then making that wind it up gesture with his finger.