Saltwater Vampires low res

ISBN: 9780645151404

eISBN: 9780645151411

360 pages, Ages 13 —18

Little Wins Press, 2021

First published by Penguin Books (Australia), 2010

Saltwater Vampires

Kirsty Eagar

Shortlisted, NSW Premier's Literary Awards for Young Adult fiction

A thrilling mix of surfing, the supernatural, and one of history's bloodiest maritime incidents . . .

Holidays in the coastal village of Rocky Head should mean surfing, dodging tourists and partying at the local music festival. But when Jamie Mackie is savagely bitten in the surf by a friend, he realises things are going to be different this summer. The Mutineers are in town, a coven of brutal vampires created in the shipwreck of the Batavia, four hundred years ago. If their plans succeed, nobody in Rocky Head will survive to see out the new year. 

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5/5 stars … Saltwater Vampires is a little bit The Lost Boys and a little bit Thirty Days of Night, set in a small Australian coastal town. I absolutely loved it. The Book Nerd

This is not your run of the mill teen vampire book. Kirsty Eagar has mixed Australian history, vampires and surfing and rolled out a fast-paced thriller that I could not put down. I finished it last night, even though I only received it in the mail yesterday morningWe Love YA

Eagar’s writing style reminded me of our two heavy-weight authors (in their respective readerships) Tim Winton and John Marsden … Saltwater Vampires takes place in and around the sea (Australia is an island, after all) … The eeriness of a black ocean at night, and the loneliness of crashing waves; Eagar captures this picturesque Australian scenery and turns it into an astonishingly spine-tingling gothic setting. Danielle Binks, Alpha Reader

Jamie and his mates are not your usual heroes or vampire slayers … They are mates who watch each other’s backs as well as let each other down and these contradictions are so well drawn that the characters breathe on their own and worked their way into my heart. Inkcrush

As well as all the bloodlust and biting, there is a genuinely well written narrative. It is taut and tense . . . It’s a thriller and so much more. Look out for it. This is the Best Book Ever