Postcards #1


At the risk of going all Facebook on you, here’s a couple of snaps from my trip to the Maldives. This was my first wave:  

*All surf photos are courtesy of and copyright of Richard Kotch – excellent surfer and photographer and World Surfaris surf guide.

**All surf photos are of ME, because I love myself, totals.

I’ll post more photos over the next few weeks so I can bore you sporadically rather than all at once.

I should say, too – I didn’t find Kane’s island from Night Beach … Which is good, because now I get to go back next year to have another look.

Lastly, a bit of info for the surfers among you who are maybe considering heading over there and have never been before:

  • Going in what was considered shoulder season, we were a bit worried that we wouldn’t get swell. As you can see from the photos, we lucked it!
  • We stayed at Hudhuranfushi Resort, which features the lefthand break Lohi’s. It was a toss-up between this and doing a charter, but I’m glad we went with island life considering the length of time we were there.
  • From Hudhuranfushi you can still access heaps of other good breaks – Sultans, Jails, Cokes (all righthanders) and Chickens (lefthander). The advantage of being on a charter is that you can go when you choose and (hopefully) avoid surfing with too many other people, whereas the island’s boat runs are at fixed times. That said, on the island you also have the option of avoiding the boat run completely and just catching a few out front, then enjoying a beer and watching other people catching a few. The place has a mellow, slightly weird vibe. Think Point Break meets the Eurovision Song Contest. 
  • We booked through World Surfaris, and went with the surf pass option, which gives you a guaranteed spot on the surf boats each day. 
  • I met a lot of great people – including Gary over at Mug of Sunshine. I like his surf and travel writing, and you might too. Check it out. He’s also got a couple of articles coming out in White Horses
  • The shot below is of Lohi’s. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it????