On this Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Subvert the patriarchy by finding out why Friday the 13th is actually GOOD, over at Mystic Medusa.

Oztraylians – don’t forget you’ve only got until midnight to win a copy of It Started With a Kiss by Lisa Heidke.

Also, and completely unrelated, I was chatting with a writing friend the other day – you know who you are :) – about how to deal with promotion and publicity. I think I’ve found something useful (courtesy of Richard Fidler). I’m just not sure whether it’s a cautionary tale – that is, don’t do anything that the Jesus and Mary Chain would do – OR, a how-to guide. God help me, but I just LOVE appalling behaviour.

Happy Friday the 13th peoples! Be honest not well behaved, smile often, and tell your black cats to giddy up.



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