Off to Coona, I am …


… and apparently it means I must talk like Yoda. Coona is short for Coonabarabran. This is my third straight year at their Feast of Words festival. No doubt someone else deserves a turn next year. I love the Coona community (including, of course, all the students and professional nodders and other repeat presenters) and they have been very kind and generous to me. If you’ll remember, there were bush fires out there earlier this year, so I hope things have started to regenerate. I know, thanks to reports from Kellie Nash, uber festival organiser, that Blaze Aid have been involved with the rebuild. What a great organisation.   

I was going to complete this post with a picture of stars, as one should when one’s about to visit the Astronomy capital of Australia, but instead I leave you with the song that is in my head non-stop today. I will be listening to it on the drive.