New Moon Phase – Exploring Your Idea

More than one idea? Choose.

If you’re like me, you are usually trying to choose between a couple of different ideas when you go to start something new.

This is an Aquarius new moon – so our theme for this cycle is pretty much: BE YOURSELF, FREE YOURSELF.

I’m suggesting you use that to guide your decision making. In a storytelling sense, which idea is more YOU?

Which one calls to you?

Which idea is most based on your experience or learning, your worldview? Which idea offers a journey or learning that you really need?

What matters to you the most??? Not in a commercial sense, but deep down in your gut?

Get the gist?

That’s the idea you are going with. The one that speaks to you directly. The one that won’t leave you alone, even though it might not necessarily be the sensible thing to do.

To be clear — I don’t mean the WILDEST idea. That’s a whole other thing.

As an example, what I’ll be exploring and writing during this cycle is actually a quiet little story about what it means to be a sibling. It’s based on some of the things I know myself, and also what I’ve witnessed in my daughters. Unlike Summer Skin, there’s nothing particularly outrageous about it.

But it’s something new for me. It’s not the usual age group I write for, and I’ve swapped a fascination with surfing for a fascination with something else.

All right, so we’ve hammered that one out. Pick your idea, and let’s move on.

Do this

Write down everything you know about your idea as a story.

We’re talking about things like its beginning, middle, end. Your characters. All that kind of stuff.

If you want something structured, try and write it as a synopsis.

Or write it as one long list.


You don’t need to know all the answers. Have fun thinking of the questions you’re going to raise for your reader instead.

As you work, more things will float down. Grab them, add them to your list (or rewrite your synopsis).

Answer these questions

  1. How will your story be of service?

You might want to entertain. You might want to share. You might want to help yourself. Work it out.

  1. Are you taking a risk?

If you’re sharing from your heart, you’re taking a risk. If you’re arguing with the world, you’re taking a risk — and I don’t mean virtue signaling, or moralising! Fuq that. Snore. You need to care. You’re a writer — your job is to challenge the status quo. Go and listen to Seth Godin talking about that if you need some convincing. Now, in case you’re thinking, “But I’m not writing anything political!”, well, telling the truth, in a creative sense, challenges the status quo.

If you’re exposing yourself in some way, you’re taking a risk. Vulnerability is bloody brave. Go and listen to Brene Brown on that if you’re not sure.

If you’re going to tell your story boots and all, immerse yourself in its world entirely and see where it leads you, you’re taking a risk.

Be proud of yourself, and this idea. And don’t be afraid, because you are very early in the process and the many layers to come will make it easier. Be glad that you’re a lion heart and not a cynical pea heart or a psychopath. I’m not even joking. The world needs stories from people with EMPATHY and I am unapologetic about stating that fact so baldly.

Knowing what’s at stake makes it easier later. When you know you’re being brave, you’ll be kinder to yourself. You’ll respect yourself and your story, take it seriously.

  1. Where is the human element in your story?

My story is about a whole lot of things, including one thing that I’m really excited about, and it will probably have to be plotted quite a bit. But its human element is the bond between siblings. And what it means to be a parent. And how parents aren’t perfect.

I’m pedantic about this point. Stories make us human. Humans need stories. Find the human in your story — the relatable bit. It doesn’t mean you know the answers, but it’s the part of the human experience you’re willing to explore.

  1. What is the heart pull for you?

Stories are our attempt to capture something precious. Have a think about what it might be.

You are doing really well. This is deep, honest work. But it shouldn’t be hard work. It should be clean and quiet and open ended.

You need to know that.

Let’s move on now to setting our INTENT.