Movies – I have seen ’em lately


Apropos nothing – here are three things I’ve viewed lately.

First: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Got to see this courtesy of Allen & Unwin’s advanced screening. It’s a lovely film. The icing was the parents – Connie Britton! – and the real-boyness of the main character. I haven’t read Jesse Andrews’ novel, but I will, and I greatly admired his screenplay. Thumbs up. It made me achey over the fact that we really do deserve films made for an audience who enjoy YA stories in Australia (you can understand why that sentence was a bit longwinded if you analyse it properly!).

And then two flashbacks:

Tonight, I watched: Sixteen Candles

Probably my favourite John Hughes’ movie, but watching it now, years later, some of the humour is definitely OFF, and not in a good way (all that stuff about taking advantage of Jake’s comatose girlfriend. Jesus.) One thing that struck me, though – Anthony Michael Hall – what a gem. And, of course, that penultimate scene when Jake and Samantha finally connect. Perfection:

And then, earlier this week, I found this on SBS On-Demand: Girls Just Want to Have Fun. 

Sarah Jessica Parker fidgeting like she’s never fidgeted before. Helen Hunt doing that adorable diagonal-eyebrow smile thing she does. And the lead guy dancing like Kevin Bacon did in Footloose, right down to the gamer shoulders. Controlling fathers, evil rich girls, and a Solid Gold rip off show.

Anyone else catch any of these three?

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