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Further to my last post, the schedule for this week is now up at Irresistible Reads, so check it out. I’ve realised, just from trying to get my guest posts ready, how much time and effort must have gone into organising, preparing and coordinating this week, so once again my thanks to Irresistible Reads and Bibliophile Brouhaha and everyone taking part for their support.

In addition to the guys I mentioned previously, there will also be reviews from Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing, Fiction Folio, and a really moving review of Raw Blue is already posted at Buried in Books. Reviews are always scary to me, but reading about Raw Blue makes me oddly homesick, just because I miss the characters (which probably makes no sense, but there you go).

In addition, Steph Su Reads will be talking about Older YA, and Nomes at Inkcrush will be talking about Aussie YA, so definitely a few things worth checking out there. Anyway, don’t listen to me, head over to Irresistible Reads and see if you can snag yourself a giveaway.