Misty Miller

You’ll notice Clementine Ford has given the front quote for SUMMER SKIN, and that made my whole year because she is a champion in every respect of the word. Anyway, you should also know that she has a book coming out next year, called FIGHT LIKE A GIRL. She speaks more about it in this interview with Pedestrian TV  Read all of it. You have to. She says, as usual, so many things that are just right. I have to quote, though, because … well, because I can’t stop myself really:

[themify_quote]Yet when women do fight back, or get angry, or present themselves as anything less than feminine and docile, we’re shamed for it. We’re not supposed to fight. We’re not supposed to present ourselves in a way that makes other people feel uncomfortable. We’re told that to change things we have to be nice and sweet, we have to make the people who have the power not feel threatened. [/themify_quote]

That Gif is taken from Misty Miller, Next to You. She is brilliant. Happy Friday peoples!


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