February news …


Well, I owe a huge thank you to Linds at Bibliophile Brouhaha who has sent Raw Blue on a blog tour in the States off her own bat.

Three reviews have come in as a result.

One from The Unread Reader: [Carly’s] bravery, when revealed, was silent, but it was hers and it was full of heart and hope.

And one from Supernatural Snark: Raw Blue … handles personal anguish in a delicate and unassuming way so we don’t even realize the strength of the connection we’ve developed with Carly and Ryan until we find ourselves unable to let them go, clinging to our memories of their interactions for days and weeks afterward.

And one from Forever Young Adult (which was really funny!): And when the fire department asks who started it, tell them it’s all Ryan’s fault because he’s too damn sexy and understanding and enigmatic and GAH HERE COME THE FLAMES AGAIN. Seriously, though, one of the things I love about the swoon in this book is that the mysterious loner dude is actually a girl– Carly– and therefore, Ryan is trying to reach out to her and that just makes him even hotter, IF THAT’S EVEN POSSIBLE.

It’s still hard to get a copy of this book for those of you who are readers in the States, the two options at the moment being E-book, or shipping from Australia, so my apologies!

(And thanks to Amelia from Better Read Than Dead for letting me know about the FYA review!)