Forgot about this song!

And I’ll share it with you guys – because it’s Friday, and I secretly hanker for a a new author photo that makes me look as suave and sophisticated as Robert Palmer does in all of these shots …

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Today’s numbers

1 fairy penguin, 4 dolphins, 12 good waves, followed by 2 croissants and a play in the sand with my 4 year old. 1 good song on the drive home.  

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So addicted to his album 1977 at the moment. Especially these two. Der Alte is for driving and dancing, and All That Matters = a perfect love song.  

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Off to Coona, I am …

… and apparently it means I must talk like Yoda. Coona is short for Coonabarabran. This is my third straight year at their Feast of Words festival. No doubt someone else deserves a turn next year. I love the Coona community (including, of course, all the students and professional nodders and other repeat presenters) and they have been very kind and generous to

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Tres vampire chic. I love her. I like what she has to say in this interview, about the music industry, about being a female in that industry, about the thinking behind the clip for Oblivion (below). Like the film industry, the way women are digested by the music industry depresses the shit out of me. Better yet, I like what Grimes has to

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My favourite surf local

Is now on Facebook. His name is Cody Dawson. Here he is, looking all territorial. Go friend him. (He’s not related to me, b.t.w. We just nod at each other from time to time). Turns out he also has great taste in music. Here’s the pick of his picks for today:

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