View this post on Instagram Sun burning away the last of pea soup mist that rolled through the break this morning (called Inversion, apparently – see @surfphotosofyou – yesterday's post – for more photos and proper explanations). So thick it cut off our view of the beach, and the swell, so that waves loomed out of nowhere, but you couldn't really judge them

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Not cool or humble

View this post on Instagram Where I live, peeps be all cool and humble when they make the daily surf report by @surfphotosofyou … but not me! It is THE thrill of my existence. If you don't already subscribe, sign up – – you get pictures of northern beaches heaven delivered to your inbox daily. Also, don't worry, the standard of surfing

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Come and join Surfrider – they’re a friendly bunch

View this post on Instagram For the last 20 minutes I have listened to this man, Brendan Donohue, speak with passion and purpose about the work that the Surfrider Foundation do, and how they need numbers. Only problem is I'm already a member and my feet are burning. So please join and make Brendan happy. It's only 50 cents a week. @surfrideraus

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Autumn’s arrived

View this post on Instagram First day of Autumn yesterday, and you know what that means … I suddenly think I'm some kind of photographer and get all arty and shit. Calling this Autumn 1 … #northernbeaches #Sydney #autumn #theswellseason #straya A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Mar 1, 2016 at 5:41pm PST

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White Horses – she has stories edition

This is what White Horses has to say about this issue: [themify_quote] We’re stoked to present this very special issue of White Horses, completely dedicated to, and created by, female surfers. We believe this is the best publication about women’s surfing ever put together. [/themify_quote] I agree. And not just because I’m in it. What I love is that it features women and

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What I’ve been up to lately

Three things! 1. We just finished the proofread of SUMMER SKIN. I say ‘we’ because, of course, it’s not just me doing it – that would be dreadful; so many msistakes would slip through unnoticed. I should feel a bit emotional about it being done, because it’s one step closer to waving bye-bye to the characters, and saying, ‘Hello, world, list for me the

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surfing & the sea

Surfing outbrain

Just because it’s Friday and you might need a little ‘traffic outbrain’. I actually don’t even know what that means, I just notice it comes up in the address bar when you click on a ‘junk food for your mind’ type news story instead of a serious news story. First this: My brother-in-law alerted me to it. I chose to watch it on

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If you love the ocean, I hope you Take 3 for the Sea every time you’re down at the beach. If you haven’t heard of that before, it’s simple: pick up three pieces of rubbish each time you leave. But don’t just stop there. If you’re not already aware of their activities: the Surfrider Foundation have a new website up. It’s very easy and inexpensive to

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Talking Writing Series – On Water

Nearly put an exclamation mark in that title because as we all know I don’t get out much and this is an Upcoming Event! On Thursday evening, 16th April, I’ll be at the NSW Writers’ Centre talking about writing, specifically, writing about water, along with Pip Newling and Ian Hoskins, with the event being chaired by Lex Hirst. I’ll share more details closer to the

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