Skeleton teaser …

Okay, so as we’ve all noticed I’ve been beyond slack on the blog front lately … BUT I do have a great blog on process coming up. Years ago now, I got to know this laidback lass who surfs where I surf. At that time she’d just been selected by the Australian Institute of Sport as part of an elite squad put together

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Being a professional dancer – the process…

For those who missed the ‘Coming Soon’ on this one: twenty-year-old Sarah Williams has just spent the last five years of her life living and working in New York. She received a two-year scholarship to the School of American Ballet at fifteen, and was then selected to join the prestigious New York Ballet Company. Like me, Sarah is obsessed with the colour blue,

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Making a music video – the process…

When I first talked to Natasha Pincus, it was because I’d seen her amazing clip for Pete Murray’s song, Chance to Say Goodbye, (thanks Amy!). The clip is just so moving, and contains Peter Fenton – what more do you need to know? Natasha is high energy – writing, directing and producing. For her full bio, click here. What it can’t convey though,

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So if you’re into film or music videos or Sarah Blasko…

You may have already seen the new clip for Sarah’s song, We Won’t Run – a beautiful optical illusion shot in a single take. And you may be really interested to know that Natasha Pincus, who directed/produced the video, is going to answer questions for the Process part of this blog on how she made the clip. I’ll have it up by the

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