The Handmaid’s Tale

Hey, I just found this article in The Guardian where Margaret Atwood talks about the writing of The Handmaid’s Tale. This book had a huge impact on me – the set up, the story, the way it was honed to the bone, how she made Scrabble a sensual experience … OH – and the twist near the end … The bonus in the article were

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Wall of Hands

Hey the Wall of Hands is in its last few weeks – it’s a program run by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation which aims to teach people in marginalised communities how to read and write. At the moment they’ve raised $174,502 and they are hoping to reach $300,000. So if it’s something you’d like to contribute to, go and put your palm

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Go Tash

Have you heard Gotye’s new song yet?  Somebody That I Used To Know – so raw and beautiful. And the clip!!!! It was directed by the incredibly talented Natasha Pincus, who just happened to answer some questions for the process section of this blog way back when I was still energetic enough to be running around asking people questions. She’d just finished a

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Perfect day

The sun is shining, my new board is made of awesome (Psillakis – handshaper and highly recommended in case you’re in Australia and in the market for a new board). I’ve just been for a surf and there’s swell. From the wrong direction, and a little lumpy, but there was still the occasional fast runner, and with only five other people out, WHO CARES??? Fun,

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Okay, so this is a radio station

Not a blog. And after this, I will, you know, DISCIPLINE myself. But I finished the edit for Night Beach today. And I haven’t felt like this since Raw Blue. Like I’ve just had the most awesome, intense relationship, but now it’s finished, we’ve broken up, and I’m happy that I had the experience, but I’m sad, too, because it’s over, it’s not

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About to read …

Light Boxes by Shane Jones. It had me at the cover. But then, I found the trailer for its German release. And because we’re on some kind of trailer theme around here …  

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And for a laugh …

I found this courtesy of the We Love YA post mentioned previously. Check it out – it’s the trailer for Brad Meltzer’s new book and it’s very funny …  

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Sliding head-first down a track, really, really fast … the process

The idea of the process section of this blog is to talk to people who are doing things – making music videos, editing books, dancing, designing – which will hopefully provide you with inspiration for whatever it is that you’re doing (or want to do). Emma Lincoln-Smith does the skeleton – a sport where you slide head-first down a track at speeds of

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Can’t process what happened to George Floyd. But I can understand the anger and the helplessness when things seem to just repeat and not change. And I took so much from Christian Cooper’s dignity in response to what…

During the lockdown our local library took to delivering books in person. They arrived in cool bags that are now going to be my shopping bags (unless they want them back).⁣

It was so nice to have a visitor, but…

You know how in stories there are magic helpers? In life, I think a magic helper is someone who comes for a walk when you feel yuck, or says yes when you ring up to say you need to go dancing (which isn’t to say…

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